Trolling on the Internet  What is it and How to Deal with Trolls? ▷ 2020

“Troll” has unfortunately become an activity that is increasing day by day on the Internet. More and more people are engaged in this reprehensible act of attacking and provoking different people belonging to a virtual community.

Trolls are manipulative and provocative people who have the objective of altering or spying on the conversations that exist under a groupthink of the certain community in which they are giving their opinion. They are characterized by having an unknown identity and great activity on the different Internet platforms.

We are going to discuss this topic to explain what it means “trolling” on the Internet and on what kind or type of platforms do people who practice the troll move. In addition, we will teach you how you can avoid a troll.

What does the word “trolling” mean on the Internet?

Trolling is the action carried out by people who call themselves trolls in a discussion forum or in comments on public access articles. These people may or may not have a known identity.

A troll is a person who seeks to anger or disperse the thoughts and ideas of others through certain psychological practices based mainly on breaking the groupthink that empire characterizes the virtual community.

These psychological practices can be performed provocative phrases, comment on irrelevant ideas or outside the group’s central theme as well as using humor to divert conversations and cause chaos between the different members.

That is, the main objective, or basic idea that a person who troll has is to provoke negative and ill-intentioned reactions among their Internet peers.

It must be borne in mind that many times these people have the ability to go unnoticed in their comments, so we must be careful when we read we hear comments that are initially out of focus.

On what kind of platforms can you troll in the digital world?

People who perform troll move in the digital world through different platforms that have as common characteristics the free access to comments from the participants and the possibility of giving their opinion without restrictions.

Next, we will name the main ones:

In social networks

It is one of the places where there are more possibilities to make annoying and provocative comments, since social networks allow us to comment on photos or videos of people and open discussions on ideas raised by account owners of these networks.

In forums

Perhaps it is the most controversial and at the same time comfortable place that this class of people who perform troll can find, since ideas are permanently exposed in the forums for their analysis and healthy discussion, generating a large volume of comments.

Many of these comments the veracity of the information cannot be verified for the maelstrom they present, being a perfect setting for a troll because they can tell lies difficult to detect.

When defending their ideas or moral principles, people are very exposed to receiving provocative and irrelevant comments, thus provoking in each of them a adverse and psychologically negative reaction.

When ideas are presented outside the topic that groups the forum, confrontations are made between the same members without any reason, it is because we are in the presence of a troll.

In online games

Online games facilitate trolls for different reasons, but the main one is because their identity is reserved, which is why psychologically they feel stronger and consider that they have nothing to lose.

In this way it facilitates their narcissism causing the constant generation of ideas that can anger, provoke and annoy gamers.

In addition, trolls know that by having the focus of attention on the game our mind intuitively lowers its protective barriers and becomes more vulnerable to these kinds of detestable actions.

Is trolling a form of cyberbullying?

Is trolling a form of cyberbullying?

When a person troll, in short, what they are doing is having a sadistic intention towards another, attacking them psychologically (and sometimes even physically) so that they feel very inferior to their attacker and at the same time can be manipulated.

With provocative comments the troll manages to generate a confrontation and anger among the members of a virtual community, thus achieving that the person or member of that community isolates himself and then can attack him emotionally, it is saying what you are doing is cyberbullying.

Consequences of trolling Can I hurt someone by trolling them?

A person who trolls can cause very great and irreparable psychological damage in others.

This is due to a troll’s ability to manipulate and turn a psychologically defenseless person into its attack victim.

When a person is attacked through their psychology it can produce changes in their behavior in general, family and social isolation, inclination to substances such as drugs or alcohol, appearance of symptoms of depression and the presence of low self-esteem and in some cases you can resort to suicide.

That is why you must always keep in mind that a person who troll causes harm to others..

How to fight trolls so they never bother you?

How to fight trolls so they never bother you?

It must be borne in mind that this is a very delicate subject and that it is present in many places today and as such it must be very careful on our part so as not to fall into the traps of those who troll.

To fight trolls we can follow these tips:

  • Ignore them, that is perhaps the most efficient formula to eliminate the people who trolle.
  • Block them of our social networks, in this way they will not have access to our information and we will not know what their comments are.
  • Report them in a public way before the group or virtual community and in some more serious cases, resort to justice.
  • Identify them in the forums, in social networks or in video games as this will help the other members to be careful with their comments out of place.
  • Discuss this situation with people close to us, since they will have a different perspective and can be very helpful.
  • Always keep in mind that these dire comments do not represent reality of ourselves, but are ideas or strategies of unscrupulous and manipulative people.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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