Turn the MOBILE ON / OFF with Broken Button  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

More than one We have broken the Power button of the mobile, Either due to a bad blow, the wear and tear of the years or a liquid spill.

When a failure of these occurs with our device We tend to think that it got there and we choose to fix it by buying a new case for the equipment, or simply choosing to buy a new device.

But the truth is that there are still other very practical solutions that can help you access your mobile device, without the need to press the damaged button Do you want to know how? Find out below.

Methods and tricks to turn on, turn off or restart your mobile with the damaged physical button

No matter what type of mobile you have or what its brand is, one of the elements with which we interact the most is with the “Power” button.

This button apart from turning on the device and displaying the menu to restart it or turn it off, it is also responsible for locking and unlocking the computer. Due to this, it tends to suffer a lot of wear compared to any other button on the equipment.

By the time it stops working we must have resources to access the device and for that are the following methods:

Creating a new on / off menu

Given that when the Power button is damaged we will not have a way to turn off the equipment, except when the battery is removed or it discharges; which in the long run may not be very positive, we need to find a method that allows us to open the shutdown menu without the need to press Power.

Shutdown menu

To create a power on and off menu on your phone without the need for any button, We just have to get an application well known for this. Quick boot, Currently it is no longer in the Android store, because for its operation it is necessary that the device be rooted.

Although we provide the download link later:

Quick boot

This is a very simple procedure to perform and there are many tutorials on the Internet. Once you have root access on your computer you just have to look for the tool in any APK store on the web, download and install it on your device.

Each time you click on its icon you can choose between the different ways to restart the phone or turn it off in “Power Off”.

Power off

Download Quick Off 4.8 APK

Setting another physical button

In order to create a new menu on and off we must find an application that allows us to do this task. It should be noted that with this function it will not be possible to switch on the phone once it is completely switched off.

Buttons remapper

  • The main function of Buttons Remapper, is replace the Power button by one of the volume up and down buttons, so that with the activation of one of these this menu appears:

Shutdown menu

  • Which will allow us to turn off and restart the phone as the case may be, and if we configure it well it will also be possible lock and unlock the device.
  • Once downloaded we must open it and in the upper right corner we will activate the services of the same.

Activate services

  • We must activate the accessibility services, later on the + button we will activate a new action and we will choose “Short and long press”.
  • After in “Key” let’s choose the button “Volume Up” or we can choose some other that the device has available.
  • Then we activate “Long Press” and we put an estimated time of 0.5 sec, although it can be less or more if you wish.

This is specifically so that immediately after pressing the button the shutdown and restart menu is activated. Since if we don’t do it like that, it will be activated immediately when we press “Volume Up” and we don’t want that either.

  • Finally we choose in “Action” the option “Power menu since this is the order we are needing.

New action

With this we have modified the button “Volume up” so that when we press it for more than 0.5 sec, the menu to turn off or restart the equipment is activated. After that we must create a new action, in which in “Key” let’s choose exactly the same button “Volume Up”.

Only this time we are NOT going to activate the “Long press”, and in “Action” let’s choose “Turn off screen” or “Block screen”. With this we get that with a single touch the screen of the device is turned off or locked. In this way We will already have almost all the functions of the Power button on the volume button above.

It should be noted that we have done these examples with Buttons Remapper, but in the Play Store there are a large number of applications that can fulfill this function, just choose one that fits your device perfectly.

Using AcDisplay


AcDisplay is a customization tool that we find for free in the Play Store. Despite the fact that its functions have nothing to do with what we have been talking about throughout this post. It is true that There is a function that we can activate with this application in case your mobile phone does not include it by default.

Well, apart from working as a screen lock and notification desk. Too includes the function that the device is activated with just a slight movement, or by taking it out of your pocket.

Which is very useful in the event that our Power button does not work:

  • To activate this once we do the download we must click on the 3 points located in the upper right and choose the menu “Settings” then we will select “Active mode”.

Active mode

  • In this new menu we will finally find the option “Wave to wake”, which we must activate, so that when we make a minimum gesture with the device, it is activated without pressing any button.

Wave to wake

List of the best apps to switch the button on and off when the original is damaged

Now we will see some of the applications that can facilitate the tasks previously seen:

Gravity Screen On-Off

Gravity Screen

This software just like its people say, really takes care of eliminating the hassle of having to press the Power button every time you want to use your mobile or just see the time.

It works by means of the accelerometer of the device, it usually comes with a flawless configuration, but this can be customized to taste.

Free screen off

Free screen off

This, for its part, is simply responsible for displaying a button on the screen that allows us to turn off the screen and lock the phone, without the need to press the Power button.

Screen off and lock

Screen off and lock

With this software we can lock our device without the need to press the Power button. It is an App simple and free that shows us on the screen a digital button to turn off the screen.

Knock lock

Knock lock screen

This tool is very similar to that of AcDisplay or Gravity screen, because it allows us to activate the phone without the Power button. The difference is that This does not work with the accelerometer of the device, if not with the Display. Just make a few quick touches and the screen turns on.

*Note: This application is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

Buttons mapper

Button mapper

Like Buttons Remapper, this app allows us to modify the functions of the buttons on our mobile without the need to root it.

This makes it easier for us to creating a new on / off menu as we saw earlier. It is excellent in case you cannot find the previous one.

Tips to take better care of the lock button on your mobile so that it does not break down

When it comes to our mobile equipment, any care is little, since they accompany us everywhere and their use has become indispensable.

If we really want to increase the life of the Lock button on our mobile, the solution comes hand in hand with the reduction of its use.

For this we can:

  • Use WhatsApp Web, to avoid chatting less with your mobile, and more from the computer.
  • Install applications like AcDisplay, Gravity Screen or Knock lock and thus avoid pressing the button at all.
  • Even improving our habits we can stop looking at your mobile every so often and do it only when really necessary. This will definitely make a big difference.
  • In case the button begins to show signs of damage, we must immediately stop its use, and remap buttons with already mentioned apps, in order to leave the Power button only for starting from zero.
  • Another solution could be to use the automatic lock, so that after a certain time that we choose it is blocked.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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