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While it is true, a HDD refers to that device of the memory of a computer that, by default, is used to save all the user’s programs, applications and files. Since, it is the only element with the ability to save data at all times (even when it is not powered by electric current).

That is why, the main characteristic of a hard disk lies in its storage arrangement, because the larger it is, the more programs, documents, photographs, movies and songs a Pc. Besides, his speed it is also essential because influences the startup time of the machine and software.

Now, as there are a variety of hard drives that must be differentiated, it is important point out and detail which are each of them in order to know their most interesting particularities. Reason why, here we offer you a list with the kinds of hard drives found on the market.

Types of hard drives How are these hardware classified and how are they different?

Types of hard drives How are these hardware classified and how are they different?

First of all, it should be noted that, hard drives they differ from each other depending on their different classifications. Since, although they are mainly sectioned according to its internal technology, they are also distinguished between some classes of hard drives depending on their interface or the type of connectors they use, like by their location or the place where they are.

In this sense, we begin by defining which are the two types of hard drives that are known based on their internal technology, taking into account that each of them can use different kinds of connectors:

HDD hard drives

They are also known as “Mechanical hard drives” or “magnetic hard drives” and, basically, they are the most traditional on the market because they have the ability to record the information magnetically across one or more platters or discs. So, they function similar to a small record player.

Thus, HDD hard drives They are characterized by being mainly made up of mechanical parts in which several rigid plates rotate at high speed around an axis located inside a box. In this way, a head of each disk will take care of reading or writing data on each of its faces. It should also be noted that, they are the most economical and durable, which is why they have been used for decades.

SSD hard drives

These are also called “Solid state disks” and are those that, instead of using rotating discs to fulfill your fundamental purpose of saving data, use transistor arrays. In such a way that each of these transistors deals with store a unit of information and since there are no moving parts, access is much faster.

Hence, the devices SSD they have nothing to do with the classic records HDD and they are only included within the same classification, because are engaged in similar trades. On the other hand, thanks to the fact that they have the advantage of consume less power, are more shock resistant, exhibit faster, and do not produce substantial noise, have been the most successful hard drives in recent years.

However, they are more expensive hard drives and have less storage capacity than HDDs. Therefore, many people have chosen to use a SSD for run a computer’s operating system and, in addition, they reserve a HDD for data storage exclusively. On the other hand, hard drives They are also classified depending on their connectors or their interface.

Next, we mention which are each of them:

Types of hard drives How are these hardware classified and how are they different?

SATA hard drives

They are those hard drives that are used in household equipment, mostly, that is, on desktops or laptops. Which, also they are called “Serial ATA hard drives” and are characterized by use a serial connector responsible for data transmission. In general terms, they are distinguished by operating with a speed close to the 150 megabytes per second, mainly.

In that sense, it is about hard drives with great popularity in the world of computing and, therefore, it refers to one of the most used in recent years. Highlighting that, it provides advantages around its data transmission speed and its price.

It should also be noted that there are three classes of SATA hard drives and they are:

  • SATA – 1: This achieves a speed of up to 150 Mb data transfer.
  • SATA – 2: Can achieve a transfer speed of up to 300 Mb, that is, twice that of SATA 1.
  • SATA – 3: Given that achieves a transfer speed of up to 600 Mb, is cataloged by exhibiting a higher performance and it is the most requested in relation to the others SATA. In addition, its size is small and, even so, it guarantees a large capacity.

SAS or SCSI hard drives

Usually, consists of hard drive connectors that are used professionally and, therefore, they are ideal for environments high performance. Among its main peculiarities, we find that are able to replace other similar hard drives without having to turn off the computer. Therefore, it allows the service to continue operating normally and without any interruption.

For their part, both hard drives SAS as well as the SCSI are usually found inside blades or racks and are installed in RAID. However, in the case of SAS, stand out for being the most used in servers and can cover up to 24 computers because it is possible to connect them 6 or 7 meters apart. On the other hand, the SCSI they require a controller to operate and have a small interface.

Apart from all these kinds of hard drives, those who are sectioned depending on their location. Therefore, they are the internal and external disks, basically.

Which are defined as follows:

Types of hard drives How are these hardware classified and how are they different?

Internal hard drives

As their name implies, they are those records that are located inside the computer case or system cabinet. Among its most important particularities, we define that uses a magnetic recording system with the objective of store digital data found inside any laptop or desktop computer.

In addition to this, an internal hard drive focuses on using the energy provided by the system itself. Now, taking into account its benefits, we highlight that offers greater storage capacity, has greater speed and precision in the reading of data and has a remarkable durability.

External hard drives

In this case, it is a hard drive that connects to the computer via an external USB or SATA connection. Thus, they are ideal for save data or information that should not be used every day or constantly, because they are slower devices.

Among their greatest advantages, we find that they allow perform optimal backup of the entire system and offers the ability to store very large files, without affecting the performance of the computer. Therefore, they exhibit less clutter on the hard drive and ensures greater portability.

Whereas, like this are used to add additional capacity to a team and are also commonly used for audiovisual content players in TV.

List of the best hard drive manufacturers on the market that you should know

List of the best hard drive manufacturers on the market that you should know

Once all the above information has been clarified, users will be able to have a more relevant notion about the hard drives of your computers. But, when purchasing any of them, it is also very important to choose a quality manufacturer.

Therefore, here we will mention the best industrial hard disk drives on the market today:


This is one of the most recognized brands When selling or marketing computer products and services it is, especially, around hard disk drive and solid state drive as well as external storage. Which comes from Western digital and it has been operating since 2003.

Among its main hard drives and solid state devices, we find the following:

  • Ultrastar.
  • Deskstar.
  • Travelstar.
  • Endurastar.
  • Cinemastar.

Seagate Technology

Refers to a american brand that manufactures hard drives worldwide and these are used on a variety of computersWhether they are desktops, servers, laptops and even other consumer devices such as video game consoles, for example. Thanks to his remarkable career, has been the leading and oldest manufacturer of hard drives in the world.

In general, it offers hard drives with great speed ideal for computers, laptops, mobiles and external storage. In addition to this, it provides multiple models based on their different capabilities, they are quite useful to take advantage of your cache memory and have about two years of warranty. However, they are very noisy.


It consists of a globally recognized brand for the wide variety of hard drive models they offer. Mainly, their equipment is characterized by guaranteeing high data transfer speed, as well as an optimal relationship between quality and price and even have really interesting functions for improve user experience.

Now, so far, among its most notable advances in history, we find that this manufacturer of hard drives provides various capabilities on its devices to suit customer needs. In particular, they have given a more exclusive value to SSD drives They are aimed at the big company.

Western digital

It is defined as a global manufacturer of hard drives, storage products and integrated circuits that was founded during the month of April 1970. Today, ranks as one of the best hard drive manufacturers in the world, in view of the different alternatives that it commercializes.

In that sense, it is a brand that manages to adapt to the requirements of all its users, since it supports personal, business and consumer electronics environments in general. Considering that, in any case, deliver remarkable speed, capacity and performance to drive the greatest possible innovation.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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