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The platforms to play with have changed a lot since Pong arrived in American salons during the 70s. Over time, technological evolution has allowed us to see an immense advance in the field of video games that has led us to play games on computers that read old cassette tapes to have a wide range of games in the palm of our hand thanks to the capabilities of smartphones.

Thus, we have also been able to witness the birth and the overwhelming success of Clash of Clans. This video game, developed by SuperCell and launched in 2012, It has been a mass phenomenon comparable only to other great bombings such as Clash royale, Pokemon go or the recent Fortnite Battle Royale. Its gameplay premise is simple: players must create small online villages that they must reinforce with all kinds of gadgets to defend them from invaders’ attacks.

This formula, as simple as you can see, is what has become the main reason why it has caused such a sensation and for which it already has a user base that provides its creators with a benefit that is around the $ 500,000 a day (being a free game). A great legion that you are probably a part of and that is always wondering how to update Clash of Clans for free to the latest version.

Update and install the new version of Clash of Clans for free

Since enjoying the video game is something that is done without paying anything, unless micro-payments are made to get chests, installing its new version is something that does not require any type of payment. Here, we are going to explain everything you must do to install the available Clash of Clans updates on both Android phones and iPhone through the relevant digital stores. In addition, we will teach you another way to perform the updates manually.

Supercell, the team responsible for the development and maintenance of Clash of Clans, usually releases new versions of the mobile game every so often. Thanks to them, all those small or important errors that you may find while playing are fixed, as well as new game modes, cards and even decks or rewards, in addition to exciting events.

To do it download the new Clash of Clans update for free you can always choose to get it APK file with which to get the new version on your Android terminal, but there are also other alternatives that are valid both in these devices and in those of iOS, iPhones.

Here, we are going to explain you what should you do on both types of mobile phone to enjoy with the reviews of the popular video game.

In Play Store for Android phones

Update Clash of Clan Android game

If you have a smartphone with the Android operating system, these are the steps you must follow (in addition to the option to download the APK that we explain below) to do the Clash of Clans update via Play Store:

  • First of all, open Google Play Store Google Play Store app icon from your phone. Look for the icon and click on it to enter automatically.
  • Once in the main menu of the digital store, go to the upper left and tap the symbol with three horizontal lines . It’s on the left side of the search bar at the top.
  • In the menu that appears, press the first option: “My applications and games”.
  • Google play will take you directly to the section of “Updates” of all the apps you have installed, and among them is of course Clash of Clans. In case there is a pending update for the game, it will appear at the top, in the “Pending updates”.
  • What you should do now is click on the button “To update” what’s next to the name of the game so start downloading and installing the newest version of Clash of Clans.

In the App Store for iPhones smartphones

Update apps for iphone Clash of Clan

The Apple application store also has a section completely dedicated to updating all the apps you have installed on your iPhone. If you want to know how to install the latest Clash of Clans update on the App Store for iPhones smartphones, follow everything that we are going to explain below:

  • First of all, you must enter the digital store. To do this, look for the icon of the App Store Store APP Store Iconin your app list and press it. So you will enter directly and almost without waiting.
  • When you are inside, look for the section “Updates” found in the menu bar of your mobile. If there are new versions available, will appear numbered within a red circle about this option.
  • Now, in this submenu, you will firstly have the list of applications that you have purchased and installed on your smartphone and that also need an update that is pending. Search for Clash of Clans between them.
  • If the game needs to install a newer version, it will appear in the list, otherwise you will have to wait for a patch to arrive. If you are present, just press the button “Update” next to it so that the files begin to download and install automatically.

Download and install the updated Clash of Clan APK

Download install APK Clash of Clan updated

The other alternative, something more homemade and is the manual. In case you have a phone with Android operating system, you can download the APK file to be able to enjoy the latest game improvements before anyone else and in a totally safe way:

Download Clash of Clan APK latest version

Once you have it, you can copy it to your phone memory (You also have the option to download it directly from the terminal by accessing it from the mobile browser). After doing so, you must search for the file with whatever program you have to explore the files in your memory.

When you have already found it, it is advisable to memorize where it was copied (if you have downloaded it directly, you must go to the downloads folder) so as not to waste too much time, you just have to click on it so that the phone renew Clash of Clans with this latest version that we offer you.

*Note: Remember that, to be able to use this alternative, you must first have enabled the option “Apps of unknown origin”. It is found within the section “Security”, Accessible from the“Settings”From Android.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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