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While it is true, Google drive has been a great tool in terms of a highly secure cloud file storage service preferred by most Internet users, nowadays. Since, from this service, people can have 10 GB of storage for free, protect their data, access from any device that is linked, share files or folders easily and view all kinds of formats from there. But nevertheless, around the month of May last year, the company American announced a new project to update Google Drive.

In this sense, it is about Google One that presents excellent modifications in terms of aesthetics and adds many more functions, to offer users a better cloud storage service. Which, was released late last year but without a massive deployment worldwide. Since, this service will be established little by little in all countries. In such a way, Google One has multiple advantages to save and share any type of file online, thus including, magnificent functions along with variety in pricing plans and offers that can be adjusted to the requirements of each consumer.

Therefore, we want to introduce you through this post, all the details about Google One and how it works, compared to the support Google Drive has provided over time. Also detailing the most important tools you provide around your storage capacity, options for holding shared and group accounts, like the cost plans offered. Taking into account also, the accurate information regarding its operation in Spain, whether it is possible to switch to it or not.

What is Google One and how does the successor to Drive work?

Google One

It is a new job that the famous company Google promises to improve the cloud storage experience within your platform.

Which, presents other objectives depending on a new vision of remote storage, by replacing the Premium plans that were offered by Google drive and in such a way, assist users’ breakdowns to save high resolution photos and videos or large files.

This, in particular, because the proliferation of 4K video and improvements in the cameras of smartphones, have led to the use of a larger volume of gigabytes to store in the cloud.

Consequently, one of the main proposals of Google One has been increase storage capacity, thus adding additional benefits through new payment plans that go well beyond the 15 GB offered by the company from its free service, Drive.

Presenting a remarkable optimization in terms of the files that take up more space, that is, images, documents, clips and PDF. Like the attachments of gmail mail and also allowing, make use of tools to save files in their original size, without causing negative effects on its quality or consuming more weight than indicated.

Now, in reference to its operation, this new service will gives the necessary tools so that you keep everything you want in the cloud and easily share it wherever you want; this without the need to compress high-resolution files, as it allows you to view crystal-clear photos and videos without affecting storage space.

In addition to it, ensures full protection of your information, so you can be convinced that all the data you save in the cloud will not be the victims of usurpation or abuse. Further, allows you to have all the documents or folders you need at hand at any given time, no matter where you are.

In this sense, it is necessary to indicate that the service has experts who are at your disposal any day and at any time, and you can contact (by mail, chat or phone) with just one touch if you need help. Added to this, we can highlight the following most valuable aspects to consider to start using and that you have no doubt about it:

Storage capacity

Storage capacity

As is and as we have indicated throughout the text, the Google Drive service features a large storage capacity that will surely make you forget any type of problem you have to save files of many GB.

Which is very important if you are one of those users who constantly save many documents, files and emails in the cloud of Google drive. Or, if you want to share multimedia content on websites or social networks, without having to adjust its size in other programs, before that.

In this way, you are given the option of adjusting the storage plans, through various capacity alternatives ranging from 100GB to 30TB and in such a way, it adapts to the requirements of each of its users. Those who like this get more space in Google Drive, Gmail, Photos and original videos of a significant quality in Google Photos.

Shared accounts and groups

Shared accounts and groups

Among other functions of interest and for the greater benefit of its users, Google decided to give the option to unify the bill for the Google One service, and thus, it supports plans for five specific members, which can be from your family or groups of friends.

This, in order to provide easier storage for everyone and also, allow each person to enjoy all the advantages that the cloud service contains. Which means that even when it is a shared invoice, the users that constitute said group will be able to have complete independence.

As with other services of the famous G, an example of this is Google Play Music. Although so far, it is not known for sure, if this type of plan will have commercial advantages that add online discount plans.

Pricing plans

Pricing plans

Another important point to know, if not the most essential, it is about the pricing plans provided by this cloud service. Which are perfectly adjusted to each of the users, taking into account their needs and their ability to pay.

It is worth noting that Google One has a free version on the platform that offers up to 15 GB to those who want to start testing the service. But nevertheless, the rest of the pricing plans are paid and are paid annually or monthly, depending on the storage capacity and the costs involved.

Below each of these programs with prices adjusted to Spain:

  • 100 GB: Has a cost of 99 euros per month or 20.99 euros per year. Usually, as this is the most basic plan, it is canceled annually.
  • 200 GB: From this point, the service programs can only be paid monthly. Thus, it has a cost of 99 euros per month.
  • 2 TB: It has a price of 99 euros to be paid every month.
  • 10 TB: Cost 99 euros per month.
  • 20 TB: To enjoy this program, you must pay 99 euros, monthly.
  • 30 TB: It is the most cost plan per month, with 99 euros.

After selecting the plan you want, either by group or individual, you can access Google One and start managing profiles. From this, it is possible assign roles to account (administrator, father, mother, guardian, etc.).

In case you choose the family plan and there is a minor included, the service gives you the alternative of monitor your profile, through permissions granted to the administrator and also, restrict certain actions through said account. That is to say, contains a kind of parental control.

Is it possible to go from Google Drive to Google One in Spain?

Is it possible to go from Google Drive to Google One in Spain?

Right after the launch of the new update of Google drive, that is to say, the novel operation of Google One; the company stated that so far, would not be available in all countries and therefore, as of November of last year, the service would be established over time in certain locations.

In the case of Spain, it was possible to know the rates of each of the Google One payment programs, so that users will have a first-hand estimate. But nevertheless, Until now, the service is not fully open in this country.

In this sense, what has been known is that Google One is an exclusive service, only, for people using any Google Drive paid selectionTherefore, it is not an alternative available to any Internet user.

That is, a necessary requirement for access from Spain today, is to have any payment plan in a Drive account and in short, an application form with your email address. So it is worth noting that there is no official release date.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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