UPDATE GoPro Software  ▷ From PC or Mobile Version 2020

Updates are something that is always present in the field of software. It is common for new versions of installed programs and applications to appear on both a PC and a mobile phone that provide new functions, strengthen security and improve the user experience. Also, and strangely enough, there are devices that are updated to improve in the same way that these digital tools do.

The GoPro cameras GoPro logo, for example, they have revisions of their firmware continuously. Thanks to these, minor errors that may be present are fixed, battery use is optimized and sometimes an improvement in image quality is even achieved, although this aspect is already quite remarkable in these devices. Although they are very small, the cameras of this company are famous for the sharpness with which they record and its good results in the most difficult conditions.

If you wonder how to update GoPro Hero camera software GoPro logo that you have, in this guide we are going to explain all the steps you must take to achieve it. Thus, you can always have the newest version of the program for this device and make sure that its firmware is the most recent.

Step-by-step guide to install and update the firmware of your GoPro Hero from the PC

In addition, we will help you so that you can do it both from your PC and from your smartphone. Thanks to the apps released by GoPro GoPro logo, the process of updating the Hero cameras can be done from several different platforms, designed for all types of users.

If you want your GoPro Hero camera GoPro logo always give the best of your benefits In either situation, you have to find the newest versions of your firmware and install them whenever you can. In this step by step guide to install and update the firmware of your GoPro Hero GoPro logo we are going to explain several different methods to do it. And it is that this process can be carried out both from the PC and from your smartphoneIt all depends on the platform you prefer for it. Next, we explain everything what you can do from PC.

1 – Download and install the GoPro software

We go to the page to download GoPro Studio since here. When you are inside, you just have to press the blue button with the text “Download now” to start the download of the installer on your computer. Wait a few seconds, or minutes, for it to finish.

Download GoPro Studio for Computer

Once it has finished, just look for the .exe file that has been downloaded to your computer. Go to the folder that you established at the time and double click to start the installation process. Now you just have to follow the directions that you are asked, by clicking on “Next” to advance.

2 – Connect the camera to your computer

Connect gopro camera to pc via USB cable

First, check that your GoPro GoPro logo has a high battery level and that it is turned off and disconnected from your computer. Insert an SD card inside the camera and then connect it to your computer using the USB cable correspondent.

3 – Launch GoPro Studio and update

Updating GoPro camera software from PC

Now, go back to your PC and open the GoPro Studio app. Wait a few seconds until it detects your camera and alerts you if there is an update available. If there is one, you just have to click on the button “Update”To start downloading the files and modifying the firmware of your device. Before moving on, the improvements and news of this review will be shown, click on “Continue” to continue the process.

Update the firmware of your GoPro Hero from the mobile phone

In case of wanting use your mobile phone to update your GoPro software GoPro logo, follow the instructions that we explain below:

1 – Download the GoPro app and open it

In case you are using an Android terminal, you can download the APK file on your own and open it from your phone to install this application. You can also resort to Google Play Store Play Store icon and, in the search bar, type “Gopro”To download the first result that appears. In case of using iPhone, do the same in the App Store APP Store icon.

Download GoPro APK latest version

When you have finished downloading the program, go to the place where you have the applications installed and click on the icon corresponding to GoPro GoPro logo.

2 – Pair your camera

Connect GoPro camera with Android

  • In case you have not done so previously, go to the upper left part of the application screen and click on “Add camera” (on iOS) or “Camera” (on Android). In the list that appears on the screen, choose the model corresponding to the one you own.
  • Now, with the camera in your hands, turn it on. Then press the button “Mode” and enter the utilities section.
  • Now, choose “Connect”And, in the connected devices corner (“Connected Devices”), Click on “Connect New Device”.
  • In the results that appear, just press “GoPro App” to receive both a name and a password.
  • You must return to your mobile phone, click on “Pair“Or”Match”. After in “Join”And, if necessary, write both the name and the password that you received on camera.

3 – Update the firmware

With the mobile phone and the camera already connected, a message will appear on the home screen of the application. button to perform firmware update if one is available. Just click on it to start the process.

Afterwards, the details about the improvements of this update of the GoPro software GoPro logo. Tap on “Install” to be able to move on.

Wait a few moments while the process completes. In the meantime, the camera is likely to shut down multiple times due to internal changes being made. So you just have to keep paying attention until it’s done. Once it happens, turn off the cam and close the app on your mobile.

After, open the app again and connect your GoPro again GoPro logo. You will have a message indicating that the firmware is already renewed with the new update available.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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