Use a Computer with TWO SCREENS  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Today, digital users manage various activities from your computer. Therefore, they usually have numerous tabs and windows open in the browser or different files open there. However, on many occasions, using a single monitor seems insufficient.

Given this, the following question arises from many people: Will it be possible to use two screens from the same computer and thus obtain greater productivity? Well, fortunately is an option that can be executed today.

But, to be able to carry it out, it is necessary to verify if the hardware has the capacity to support this situation. Since, not only is it enough to have a second monitor to connect it. Then, know all the relevant details to be able to configure and use two screens from the same computer.

What are the benefits of linking or synchronizing two monitors to the same PC?

In terms of productivityOf course, the advantage of configuring two monitors that work through the same PC is completely significant no matter what you use it for. Since, this allow you to perform various activities more quickly and without any complication. We detail, below, the main advantages of linking two displays:

  • Comfort when working or managing any work on the computer, since you will avoid switching between multiple windows or tabs.
  • An amazing time saving because you will not have to be collecting and / or displaying the elements of the application you use.
  • You can carry out different tasks in the same moment.
  • Using two monitors noticeably increases the viewing area.
  • It’s a productivity option very economical, since you will not be forced to buy another computer.
  • You can get more storage space.

Steps to configure two screens to the same computer easy and fast

To proceed to synchronize two monitors on the same computer, it is necessary to take into account several factors and steps to follow. Which, it will run differently, depending on the operating system you use. For this, here we let you know the procedures to be carried out with both Windows and Mac:

On windows

Before you start, you have to make sure that your PC support multiple monitors at the same time. In the case of laptops, this is usually a possible option, since this type of equipment has a video output port, at least.

Now, some computers meet this requirement, but others definitely do not. So if you use PC of this type, you have to make sure it has two video ports. Since, one will be necessary to connect the main monitor and the other, to be able to link the second screen.

Apart from that, you will have to locate your computer’s HDMI or VGA output. For this, keep the following in mind:

  • HDMI: It is a slim port with six sides.
  • Vga: Identified as a colored trapezoid with small holes. It is required in order to connect a new display with an outdated monitor.

Among other details, you also need a cable to connect the second monitor to your computer. This must also be VGA or HDMI. So, the steps to be carried out are as follows:

On windows

  • Start by connect the indicated cable on the PC output and on the monitor input on.
  • Click Start and go to “Control Panel”.
  • Later, enter the option “Appearance and customization”And there, click on“screen”.
  • Now, click on “Change display settings”And they will show you two icons that represent both connected monitors. If this does not happen, click on “Detect”So that these icons appear.
  • After this, go to “Display”And there choose the option“Extend another screen”(So that it does not show the same on both monitors). But if you want it to look the same on both screens, just click “Extend the Windows desktop to this monitor”. That’s it.

On Mac

For Mac users, they will need to complete a process similar to the one above, only with some important distinctions. Since these computers have different output than computers, you will need to use an adapter. Said adapter must be of MiniDisplay Port (the type of output from a Mac) to HDMI or VGA. Of course, this will depend on the cable you have.

Once you have such an adapter, the process to Following is totally simple and requires the following steps:

On Mac

  • To get started, connect the cable to the adapter and the adapter to the other monitor. With this, the Mac will automatically detect the second screen.
  • Now, to configure the display, you have to go to the Finder menu and click on the option “System preferences”.
  • Then click on “Displays”Where you will come across information for the two connected monitors. There, you can choose the color, the resolution you want to see (in each one separately) and also the alignment (used to specify the location of the second screen or that this is now the main monitor).

What are dual-screen computers used for?

What are dual-screen computers used for?

With the great impetus that digitized work of any kind has taken, the handling that can be given to a computer with a double screen is extremely significant today. Thanks to this, there is the possibility of specify several situations in which it is ideal and very helpful to use two monitors in a single computer.

Here are several of these uses:

  • It is a very effective option for environments in which it is required copy any information from one window to another.
  • It is ideal to develop a job and be able to observe the result at the same time.
  • Regarding the computer science jobs, allows you to use an operating system on each monitor and thus significantly increase performance. For example, it’s a great solution for those who work with Windows and Linux (they can have them running simultaneously).
  • To people who are dedicated to Writing, allows them to have a word processor on one side and the source of information on the other. Therefore, it is very useful to make the most of your time.
  • For designers, it is an option with which they can create artistic montages and videos and see the result immediately, in real time, through the second screen used.
  • It is also very helpful for work communication; so that the first monitor focuses on a software used for a certain objective and at the same time, the other screen allows the user to monitor conversations with his work team.
  • Enables the use of GPU and eGPU simultaneously. Which means that a single screen will put a burden on the graphics card and thus, its benefits can be fully exploited.
  • If it’s leisure, too they are a great ally. Given that, on one monitor you can work and from the other check your social networks and multimedia applications.
  • For the “gamers”Is great, thanks to the fact that it provides them with a new gaming experience: moving smoothly, seeing the other environments of the game, obtaining higher graphic quality, etc.

What characteristics should the monitor that you use as a second screen have?

What characteristics should the monitor you use as a second screen have?

When you are going to choose a monitor to synchronize with your computer and use it as a second screen, it is valuable to take into account its characteristics. Since, in a way, this is what will determine the success of using two monitors on a PC and ensuring, with it, a great optimization.

Therefore, below, we detail the main peculiarities of which the second monitor to connect should enjoy in these cases:

The type of video signal input

As we indicated previously, it is necessary that the monitor has an HDMI or VGA input, at least; to be able to connect both displays to the computer. On the contrary, the process will not be possible to carry out.

The size

It is important to take into account the space that both monitors will occupy on your desk or, where your PC or laptop is located. Therefore, it is advisable to use a second monitor with a size less than 24 inches, so that it does not become uncomfortable when carrying out any activity there. It is also recommended that the size of this second screen is similar to the main.

The brand and range

It is appropriate for the second monitor to be the same brand as the main screen and if possible, also of the same range. Since, this way you can make sure that they use the same type of tube and barrel, so the experience will provide better results and it will be much easier to link both monitors.

Apart from that, if they are different monitors, it will be impossible to configure the setting that affects flickering, that is, the refresh of the monitor.

The height

When you accommodate the other monitor in question, the height you choose for it is very important. Taking into account that ergonomics regulations dictate that the upper part of the monitor should be at the level of your eyes, the most appropriate is place it at the same height as the main monitor.

In this regard, using a second 32-inch monitor is not recommended. Because this way, it will be very complex to fix it at the same elevation.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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