Use Landscape Mode in Facebook Live  - Step by Step Guide

Use Landscape Mode in Facebook Live  - Step by Step Guide
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You must not forget that the horizontal shape of a screen is the way in which humans naturally observe their surroundings due to the location of the eyes. For this reason, it is necessary to get the most out of your streams based on a non-vertical display.

In this article We will explain to you what are the benefits of activating the horizontal mode of Facebook Live and how should you make your transmissions in a simple way.

But this is not all, You can also read the best content ideas to make videos in landscape mode on Facebook Live. Check out.

What are the benefits of activating the landscape mode of Facebook Live?

What are the benefits of activating the landscape mode of Facebook Live?

How do your followers view the world? This is a question you should ask yourself before broadcasting on FB. Despite the rise of vertical videos, the panoramic view continues to have a place within networks. If you think about it, the computer monitor, the TV and even the cinema They are still horizontal! Thus, one of the main benefits of streaming in landscape mode is take advantage of the space. In addition, with specialized broadcast programs, two screens can be located within the same content.

On the other hand, when you do not have physical obstacles it is always convenient to use the landscape mode thus generating a greater benefit to show scenes with various details. For example, any activities of daily life or the items within a video game can be seen without any problem. Besides this, Your follower is likely to come from watching other videos.

Namely, you are using the entire computer or mobile screen horizontally when he accesses your Live, so he will not have to modify his physical position or his psychological observation to see your content. Why can verticality be counterproductive? Because you are giving the viewer more freedom to distract the gaze, either with ads, pop-ups or other applications. Any element can steal your prominence.

Not to mention the change in appearance that, at least for a few moments visually disturbing (which we mentioned before). But you should keep in mind that the landscape mode depends on the kind of content you cast. Even so, the landscape effect generates a natural relaxation in the public mind, so you will not be thinking that there is something hidden.

They will be able to see the entire scene and feel what the character feels because they see the same things as the character. By last, if you want to monetize it is easier to do with the screen horizontally what in vertical. This is because most of the advertisements are intended (due to their size and colors) to be included in cinema format.

Learn step by step how to broadcast on FB Live in a panoramic way with your audience

Learn step by step how to broadcast on FB Live in a panoramic way with your audience

We will show you below the step by step that you have to carry out to carry out transmissions on Facebook Live in a panoramic way without dying in the attempt:

Login to your account

The steps you have to do are:

Activate auto spin

If you haven't done it so far activate the automatic rotation on your mobile.

To do this, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Unfold the bar of notifications. This can be done by sliding your finger from the top of the screen downwards.
  • In said bar you will find the icon for direct access to the turn function. So you must press to activate the panorama function.
  • Just place the phone horizontally the smartphone sensor should detect it in a way automatic.

Make the broadcast

Make the broadcast

Once you have activated the automatic rotation you will have to continue in this way:

  • If you have left Facebook, re-enter. Next, you will have to press the button "Live" or "Start transmission".
  • Remember to wait until the interface change position before connecting live.

If you do it during the stream it will not be changed or it will look distorted. A good trick is open another FB account during the broadcast to see how they see you. You can even do a private test before launching yourself to your audience. On the other hand, maybe you should record in conjunction with some encoding or streaming software. This is usually a requirement for gamers who use the computer together.

In this case, open the mobile app of the transmission platform, log in with your Facebook account and go to "Settings" or "Settings". In Video, Screen or Display Format You will see the option to rotate the screen, although it can also be called Panorama or Horizontal, select the option and check the computer if it is showing correctly. For the webcam of your PC or laptop you will not have to make a greater effort as by rule it is detected automatically.

Content ideas for making videos in landscape mode on your Facebook Live

Know some tips to make videos in panoramic mode on your Facebook Live:

Facebook Gaminig video games

Yes, in the landscape view and above all on Facebook Live the winners are the game videos. It does not matter if they are mobile, computer, platform or console games. All these video games have a common denominator and it is the native orientation of the horizontal screen. Then try joining FB Gaming or being part of the Level UP program.

It is an effective way to monetize with content. Also, you can show the world your skills in tournaments and singles. Every time Facebook gives more prominence to gamers cLike YouTube, Mixer or Twitch have done. Slowly you can get sponsorship from brands in computing, consoles, platforms and more. You also have many options to choose from among the most searched games the one that best suits you. Become a real expert and try to respond to your fans directly in the games.

Travel around the world

Travel around the world

Are you an influencer? Do you want to promote your travels, exotic places, lodgings or tourism? Landscape mode is a great way to connect with your audience. With it they can see where you are and talk while you show the natural beauty. You will give the viewer the feeling that they are really there with you.

For those who love adventure this is an excellent option to share. Of course, try to vary the scenarios, learn curious facts and be yourself. Try to show people what they don't really know about a tourist site. Try it if you are a person with enough energy, charismatic and lover of travel.

Kitchen and original recipes

Do you like cooking? Well, don't waste your time and start recording all those delicacies that you create on a daily basis. The truth is that you don't have to be a professional chef, just be original recipes or even typical dishes from a certain culture. You can even put a creative spin on it by adding new ingredients to familiar menus.. If you record them from your mobile you can look for a tripod to give more stability to the stream.

Also, try prepare everything in your kitchen well to avoid accidents to a minimum. And if you like to taste more than cooking, you can also be the perfect diner, so you can take your followers to the best restaurants in the city or the country. You can also venture into reviews, makeup, artistic painting and even DIY, the possibilities are endless. To the know how to activate landscape mode on Facebook endless doors open before you Start your Live and become a celebrity!

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