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Taking into account that users who use Gmail as a work method have a busy schedule, it is very helpful to have a tool that allows them to verify that an email has been delivered and reviewed by its recipient.

This is where Gmail comes in with its versatile functions, among which we can mention one of read confirmation that the sender of an email can request, through the integrated functions of this service.

If you have no idea of ​​the utility and the importance of this function for your work productivity, this article is for you. Here we will teach you everything you need to know about what it is for, how it works, and how to activate read receipts for Gmail.

What are the benefits of activating read receipts in your Gmail emails?

Gmail read confirmation

Although on a personal level there is not too much rush for the recipient to read your emails, when it comes to the work environment, it becomes vitally important that the sender has a way to verify that his letter was sent and read by the recipient.

Regardless of the type of job, they all carry a responsibility that each individual must fulfill, and this role is very useful to cover your back when necessary deliver communications by email to one or more members of the work team. In addition to this, we can count other advantages of this function, since it is a very useful way to maintain a informative record of emails sent and read, allowing the user to keep an order of communication with their customers.

Among other advantages of this function, we can also mention the following:

  • It allows know who receives and reads your emails when you send them to multiple users.
  • Facilitate communication with customers by notifying you when your emails are opened, thus allowing you to establish a client activity period in your message.
  • What administrator, you have the possibility of authorize the use of the read receipt function for other users.
  • You can define when the confirmation is sent, when the email is opened or if the recipient approves that it is sent.

Learn step by step how to add the double check function in your Gmail emails quickly and easily

Although Gmail has this function by default, it should be emphasized that It is only accessible through a work account, or an educational institution, so not all users will be able to access it. With that in mind, it should also be mentioned that, thanks to the email tracking extensions available at Chrome Web Store, we can access these functions by downloading some extensions that are intended for this purpose.

Next, we will see all the methods through which we can include the read confirmation function in our Gmail emails:

With Workspace

Read confirmation from Google WorkSpace

Through the dedicated functions of Workspace, available only for work accounts, We will be able to access the reading confirmation for both our clients and other team members.

All this through the following procedure:

  • Open Gmail in your browser.
  • Sign in with the credentials your work or institutional account.
  • click on the button “Write”.
  • Enter the email information: recipient, subject, attachments if any, and the body of the message, as you would normally do.
  • Before submitting, please click the button “More options, located at the bottom of the compose window, marked with three dots.
  • Click on “Request reading confirmation.”
  • Send the mail.

With Mailtrack

How to configure Mailtrack in Gmail

This extension, available in the Google Chrome Web Store, allows any user to have the function of sending and reading confirmations, regardless of whether you are an institutional account user or not. The use of this application is completely simple and understandable, since its only requirement is to connect with the Gmail account before it starts working automatically.

The process to obtain it is as follows:

  • Opens the Navigator Chrome.
  • click on the button “Applications” located in the bookmarks tab.
  • Sign in to Chrome Web Store.
  • Look for the extension via the store’s search function.
  • Click on the result and, once inside, select “Add to Chrome.”
  • Once added, open the extension.
  • Click the button “Connect with Google” and enter your Gmail account credentials.

Once you have completed the procedure, you will be able to enjoy the notification function of reading your emails without the need to subscribe to Google Workspace. When you have the need, you can simply turn off the function or uninstall the extension.

With Email Tracking

This is what Email Tracker looks like in Gmail

It is another extension that gives our Gmail a function similar to that of the instant messaging application WhatsApp, equipping it with the famous “Double check”, which will allow us to know when the recipient has been notified of our emails, and when they have opened it. This application works by granting you access to our email account, in order to incorporate the function to our outgoing messages, and add the double check icon to the Gmail interface.

To get the extension, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the Chrome Web Store from your browser Google Chrome.
  • Go to the extensions tab and search “Mail Tracking for Gmail – Mail Track”.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome.”
  • As soon as iinstall the extension, connect with your Gmail account by entering your data.
  • Select your usage planIn this case, we recommend the free plan that includes unlimited tracking.
  • Once connected, you will see the extension icon next to the address bar in the browser.

Once the extension is installed and ready, all we have to do is enter our email account, and compose an email in the normal way. In the compose window, you will see the activation icon. As soon as you send an email, the double check icon will be displayed next to the respective message. The symbol will be gray as soon as the message is sent, and will turn blue when the recipient opens it.

List of the best email tracking apps you can use in Gmail

Gmail has a wide variety of tools available for the email tracking. Mostly, these apps consist of Google Chrome extensions, so now we will show you the best extensions to get the read receipt function.

Go for it:

Yesware download site

Yesware stands out mainly for its use in a professional environment, because, rather than sending read receipts to the sender, it sends reports on how many times a link sent to the recipients is clicked. The usefulness of this feature stands out when it comes to measuring the public’s response to a promotion or offer, or for holding virtual meetings by sharing the link via email.

Boomerang download site for Gmail

It is a very complete productivity center that allows us to increase our performance and productivity with the Google mail service. Among all its options, it allows the tracking of our sent emails to know who has read them. Besides this, Boomerang It has other interesting functions such as scheduling the sending of our emails, or using an intelligent writing system included in the add-on to improve the writing of emails.

MixMax email tracking download site

This interesting email tracking extension is designed to be used in the workplace, since it has a series of functions that, in addition to giving us information about the status of our email, provides us with tools for organizing and sending emails. MixMax also has management functions such as scheduling of mailing and creation of templates to streamline contact processes, both with clients and with other members of the work group.

Bananatag Email Tracking

Bananatag download site

With this app, we can track the emails sent, both to individual users and to multiple recipients, simply and simply thanks to its integration method. Everything you will need to start using Bananatag it is download it from the Chrome Web Store, integrate it to Chrome and enter your account details Gmail. This way you can start using the message confirmation function.

RMail download site

This popular extension It is widely used both in the professional and personal fields, since it has tracking and security tools that will provide an extra layer of utility to our mailbox. Rmail It has the function of tracking emails sent, thanks to which we can keep track of users who have read our emails. In addition to this, it will provide our emails with an encryption layer to provide greater security to the content we send.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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