Uses and Applications of the OSINT System  List ▷ 2020

The OSINT system, also know as open source intelligence, is a tool that was developed in the intelligence services context. However, the rationale behind it can be applied in other areas.

It’s about using all the ways in which data can be collected (from public or accessible sources) and take advantage of information what to offer for transform it into computer products.

In short, it is a set of methods and utilities that serve to collect information that is openly. At the same time, it is able to relate said data to each other, process them and produce results. To learn more about this system, we recommend the following post.

List of the main uses that can be given to the OSINT system in open sources

List of the main uses that can be given to the OSINT system in open sources

Although, it is a tool that it was already used in the early 1940s in the United States and what was intended to track and analyze foreign broadcasts for military purposes, is currently used in different areas.

Let’s know which ones:

Public security forces

So much police officers as military corps They need to contrast data to make an action plan or to investigate elements within a process. In turn, it is applicable to risk prevention on national security or a specific territory.

Academic Researchers

It works very well when it comes to get information about a person, company or any other object of study. Also, the sources are public and can be used as a bibliography. So you will save time and effort when writing, for example, a thesis.

Journalists and writers

It is very useful for create a previous profile of a future interviewee, especially if it is a person with political exposition. It is a great research base on which to document a certain fact.

For private companies

Either to carry out a job interview in which you need to know the reputation of an applicant, as well as to create market analysis. The information available is vast and is constantly updated, so it is used to draw up marketing or investment plans.

What are the main advantages and limitations of this information access system?

What are the main advantages and limitations of this information access system?

As you will see, it is a great tool for all kinds of activities. But not everything is always like this, since like everything it has certain disadvantages. In this text we will show you the pros and cons of the system OSINT.


  • Result very comfortable for the researcher to obtain the necessary information from the computer. With this it is possible to avoid traveling to different places.
  • Use the available fonts is free. So you will also save money.
  • For the same reason no need for credentials, memberships, or paid subscriptions. What also makes it easy to access the different sources.
  • The information available is constantly updated, so you’ll never get to work with outdated fonts.


  • The amount of information available, can also become a disadvantage. And since we are talking about a system that uses Internet as a means of obtaining, the excess of data is abundant.
  • If the filters and rankings, you are likely to come across sources that give you wrong information. However, after this obstacle you will have all data in the palm of your hand.

As you can see, it has more advantages than cons. So that you have no excuses to enter the world of OSINT systems. You can find more information about it at Internet Step by Step.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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