What is the USB port of the Router for?   Uses ▷ 2020

In this post we will know what is the USB port of a wireless network router for, knowing the most interesting uses that we can give it at all times. In addition, we will tell you how the connection of an external device can affect your Internet network connection.

Many of the routers that exist in the market today have some connectivity option that goes beyond providing a network connection to computers.

The USB is the one with which we can connect the device that interests us, doing quite a few interesting things with it, even getting it to become a server that can be remote or local. Interesting right?

A USB port on the router? What is this access for?

Moderately modern routers can have one or more ports to connect USB devices as long as the router firmware can support it, which is something that depends on your software build and is up to the manufacturer’s choice. Yes, it is not something usual, and much less if we stay in the models that the operators offer us when we contract their fiber or ADSL service.

This port can be used in a very different way, as it is the case with such inputs on other computers. If you are lucky enough to have one, keep reading the following paragraphs because we are going to explain what you can do with it to get the most out of this plus.

List of all the uses that I can give to the USB port of my WiFi router

From the most obvious to others that we would not even think of as user-level computer managers, let’s see what a USB can offer us in the router because the truth is that it is not something that is seen daily:


The most basic option, but no less interesting, is to take advantage of the router’s voltage to be able to power the device that we want, for example a mobile. The operation is identical to the one that occurs when we connect it, via USB cable, to the computer itself.

It is ideal if we have few ports on this or if we have it turned off and we need a little charge before leaving home because, in general, the router is always on.

3G modem to connect to the Internet

This functionality allows us use the mobile data network to connect to the Internet when we do not have a connection by connecting a 3G modem. This is quite fast and, in addition, it offers us a greater margin when transmitting data.

If we have to travel, we can bring our own router, so that several users can even connect at the same time if we wish. This will not mean that we have to depend, therefore, on a fiber or ADSL connection to the Internet or have to ask for passwords in hotels or libraries.

Another good example of this kindness is when we are going to hire the Internet service at home and it will take time to enable it or when there has been an incident and they offer us this temporary solution.

Gadget operation

Just like power to charge devices, this makes them work too. Thus, if you are just short of ports and you have the router nearby, feel free to use this slot to place, for example, the fan; works!

uses usb router

File server

The next use that occurs to us that can be given to the USB port of the router is to network storage drive.

If we connect a USB memory or a hard disk, we will have the possibility of access your data from any of the computers that are connected on the network that the router works with. This also helps us to keep the data we need or the backup copies inside it.

Routers that allow you to do this have to use the SMB protocol, which is used to share files via FTP, so that we can connect to it both externally and from our own network.

If you find a high-end model, it is possible that you can even use it as a server to host a simple web page (something static, perhaps, a resume, etc). Although, yes, we must not forget that the read and write speeds will not be the most optimal but, well, less is nothing.

However, this function is mainly used to host files within our own network and thus be able to access them from the Internet, using a remote connection by FTP.

Connect a printer to the local network

One of the most useful features, without a doubt, is to be able to use the router’s USB port to connect a printer to it. If the network we are within is made up of several computers that need to print documents, all of them will be able to use the device to print. No need to connect the printer computer by computer for this to work, there has to be no physical connection for it.

It may be that the router firmware allows access to the print server (print server), only connecting it by cable and, from that moment, any of the computers that are on the same network as it will be able to print remotely.

Without a doubt, this is something to consider if we do not have WiFi printers yet.

Connecting external devices

We have already seen that, just as we charge devices, we can make them work. However, the normal thing is to think of the typical ones that we have at home for general use such as scanners or webcams.

We must not forget that, depending on the router we have, we can go much further and do some interesting little things, such as, for example, connect a keyboard and mouse so that, through them, we can use a remote computer through a central server .

Can connecting something to the USB port of the router affect the operation of my wireless Internet network?

With any extra connection we are using resources. When these are merely energetic, nothing happens. But nevertheless, if we use the network extensively, we will be consuming it, as it happens if we connect several computers to a single router.

Depending on the WiFi standard that we have in our devices, the effect on our connection will be greater or lesser. We must remember the rule that speed will always be limited by the first slower speed element.

Although the most important thing is that this will depend, above all, on the quality of wireless connections that remain available, counting those that have been previously used.

Refering to wired connection, don’t worry because this will not be affected in the least. If your smartTV or your computer makes use of this, they will work exactly the same as if we did not have anything connected.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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