Know Graphic Card Model

When we want to improve the graphic capabilities of our computer to be able to work better, with resources such as images or videos, or even to be able to run games in high definition, it is necessary that we have a good video card integrated into the equipment. But the only way to choose …

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 CHKDSK COMMAND  What is it + Functions + How to use it ▷ 2020

While it is true, ensuring the safety and performance of your PC’s hard drive is important. Because if it is affected and presents failures, absolutely all the stability of the system would be altered. Which could generate data loss, high expenses and other relevant alterations. Therefore, you need to keep your hard drives under proper …

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alternatives to recuva

Alternatives to Recuva

Recuva is a very useful tool whose main objective is to help users recover data from their system for free. So you can re-locate emails, deleted files or files that have been damaged, music, etc. Currently it is an option available only for Windows users and it has a free function and even an option …

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