Create an Account in AOL Mail Latino

Create an Account in AOL Mail Latino
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Email is an essential element for anyone who moves on the internet. Any user with a mobile phone, when starting to use it for the first time, automatically gets a Google or Apple email account (in case of having an Android smartphone or iPhone). Its versatility and the tremendous utility it possesses are the main reasons why everyone uses e-mails.

In fact, in addition to becoming a form of share information and communicate with others convenient and direct, with hardly any waiting times; they are also part of our identity in the network of networks. Currently, there are countless companies that offer their own mail systems. We have gigantic companies like the aforementioned Google offering their Gmail or even Microsoft with Outlook.

There are as many proposals as we can want, sharing similar functions and adding their own incentives to finish attracting the public (storage space in the cloud, video calls, chats and a long etcetera). Despite the fact that there are some that capture the attention of all parts of the globe, there are others that are very famous in certain territories, which also have the backing of other tech giants but, for certain reasons, have not been able to expand beyond a given region.

Register a new email account in Aol Mail in Spanish

It is the case of AOL Mail, a system that is supported by Verizon. With English as the base language, this platform has an aspect designed for the Spanish public, AOL Mail Latino, incorporating several functions that make it a more than interesting proposal. So much so that here we are going to explain to you how to create an email account in AOL Mail Latino step by step so you can see why it has the support of one of the most important companies on the planet.

The only way to be able register an email account in Aol Mail in Spanish It is going to its Latin side. Any normal search in Google will always send directly to its American version, the most popular, so you have to establish a very specific starting point to avoid that the Internet always ends up leading to the same place.

Then we are going to explain with this little tutorial, everything you have to do to be able to register in Spanish and avoid any hint of a foreign language while creating your email account.

1 - Enter the AOL Mail Latino website

Open your trusted web browser and, in the search bar, enter the URL that we leave below to go directly to the main page of AOL Mail Latino:

2 - Registration begins

Step 1 enter and register mail in AOL Mail Latino

The window that appears when entering the main website of this group is oriented to the start of a previously created session. Since it is not what interests us, instead of filling in the field that appears on the screen, you must go a little lower and click on "Check in”. By doing so, you will enter the section dedicated to new user registration. The place we are looking to create the email account.

3 - Enter your user data

Now, you must fill the form that appears on the screen with a series of fairly simple data. First, you must start by entering both your name and your surname. Be careful, as they will appear as part of the email account holder.

AOL Mail LAtino email account registration form

After this, the next section is to choose the identity of the email, which will go accompanying the tagline "@". Choose something distinctive and easy to memorize, so that anyone who has to contact you in this way has it easy. After this, also enter the password with which to restrict access (remember that the more complex it is, the more secure it will be).

The following data to fill in are a mobile phone number (You have to establish the prefix +34 if it is in Spain, or choose the one that corresponds to the country where your terminal operates) to link to the user account and, in addition, a date of birth with which to determine your age. The last step before continuing is to indicate your gender in the field provided for it (it is optional) and, after doing so, click on the button "Continue" in order to proceed with the registration procedure.

4 - Verify your number

In order to verify your identity and the veracity of the indicated number, the AOL system should verify your phone by sending a code. On the screen that will appear after completing the previous step, the mobile you previously indicated will be displayed. Confirm that it is correct and click on the button "Send a verification code via text message”.

AOL Mail verification code

The terminal to which the indicated number belongs will receive an SMS with a 5 digit code. Write them in the field enabled in the web browser and click on "check" to proceed.

5 - Account created!

After finishing the previous step, your Spanish AOL email account will have already been created. You just have to click on the button "Let us begin”And you will access the main panel of your new and recently created e-mail. From it you have access, as you can see, to your inbox and outbox, drafts, writing and other sections typical of any email manager.

*Note: All this is at your disposal in a simple way both on PC and mobile phones, which can be accessed if download the corresponding iOS or Android app, or if you configure the native manager to include this new account.

Is it safe to open an account in Aol Mail to have an email?

Email security and reliability AOL Mail for pc and app

Aol Mail, despite lacking the popularity of other great free email systems like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo!, has behind it a user base large enough to think of it as an efficient and, above all, secure platform.

When coming across a little-known system in certain territories, and knowing how important the information handled in their e-mail profiles is for some people, it is common to wonder if it is safe to open an account in Aol Mail, for example, when having an email. But it is important to bear in mind that yes, Aol is tremendously safe, despite the leaks spilled by some detractors of this system.

Great specialists emphasize that the domain "@" It is one of the strongest of the entire internet against attacks from computer viruses, hackers, agencies or even malware. For starters, its operation is so robust that Verizon, one of the great internet and telecommunications giants worldwide, recently announced that it would migrate all email accounts from its platform to AOL's due to a reversal in its services for this purpose. By relying on this proposal, the company confirmed the reliability of this popular platform in the United States, also sending hundreds of thousands of new users to it.

Of course, this platform also relies on the use of SSL certificates to corroborate its reliability, in addition to the relevant digital protocols that confirm its robustness and strength against possible computer attacks. For users, it also includes some functions designed to improve security in the login process, where most problems usually occur.

SSL security certificate AOL Mail

One of the mechanisms it incorporates is the 2-step verification, something that is becoming a standard in modern times. This system consists of using not only a password to access your user profile and your corresponding email account, but also the sending of a security key to the mobile phone, assigned when creating the account, for immediate introduction.

This procedure must be repeated each time you want to log in safely. In that sense, when it starts on a different device than usual, the Aol team sends a message notifying the user that this connection has been made to inform you if it was made without permission. It is a mechanism that has spread to numerous services, this platform being one of the first to use it to satisfy its users.

All these reasons show that, indeed, AOL Mail Latino is one of the most reliable proposals that we can find in the sector. May not be as popular as the ones they provide Gmail, Outlook, or even Yahoo!, but its robustness is something that has been evident for years, such as its eagerness to acquire the latest news in order to guarantee the safety of its users and their satisfaction with the user experience.

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