How to hack into WPA2 Wi-Fi networks to get free Internet anywhere? Step by step guide

How to Hack WiFi
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Some people resort to hacking into their neighbors' WiFi accounts without knowing whether it's a crime or not. Here we'll tell you what the legal approach is in Spain to this type of activity and what the legal penalty would be, if you were to take it as a criminal activity.

In the following paragraphs you will find all the information you need to know how hackers get into your wireless home Internet signal. We'll tell you which programs they use and the steps they need to take to "bypass a password" with WPA2 protocol.

If you want to conduct an audit of WiFi networks, read on because we will explain the risks this brings to your computer.

What are the risks of hacking into WiFi networks in Spain?

Article 248 of the Criminal Code of 2015, in Chapter VI on Fraud, provides in paragraph 2(a) that persons who are profit-seeking or who can use some form of computer manipulation and obtain a transfer of a signal, a service or any asset that is not consented to by the owner and that the owner is harmed, are considered to be in breach of this part of the article.

In other words, a person who steals a WiFi signal from a neighbor is committing a crime punishable by law. This is because, by fraudulent actions, a person manages to benefit from an asset of a user, who has contracted a service from a telephone operator and pays a certain price for it for a specific amount of gigs.

Don’t forget that when a person connects to a WiFi network illegally they are slowing down, as there is a set bandwidth that must be spread over more connected devices.

Although this offence carries a penalty, set out in article 249 of the said Code, of imprisonment from six months to three years, it is not always possible to determine who the intruder is quickly. This is the responsibility of the police and also of other control bodies that may act ex officio. To prevent intrusions into your wireless network, it is recommended that you reinforce the security of your network with efficient mechanisms.

What do I need to hack into WPA2 wireless internet networks?

There are different security protocols within a WiFi network. These encryptions make it more or less difficult to gain unauthorized access to the network. The most secure protocol is WPA2, which was considered inviolable until a few years ago, but a group of hackers demonstrated a technique with which security can be broken and the connection intercepted.

In order to hack a wireless network with WPA2 security, it is necessary to be as close as possible to the router in order to access a signal that is not weak. Then you will need the router to have no special filtering to prevent intruders from accessing it, such as a MAC address filter.

Another thing needed to intercept the network is for the signal to be visible. That is, the device with which the intruder is going to hack the network must pick up the frequency. Therefore, if the SSID is broadcast invisibly, the password cracking process cannot be valid. In addition, the hacker will need special software to be able to carry out an attack in order to circumvent WiFi security.

Steps to connect to any WiFi network with WPA2 security quickly and easily

Here's how hackers connect to a WiFi network with WPA2 security Remember that this is a crime and on this site we are against these illegal activities.

We'll only show you the work that people do:

With Acrilyc WiFi

The advantage of using this tool is that you can do it through Windows. So you won't need to use Kali Linux to access WiFi WPA2 network audits.

The steps you'll need to take are as follows:

  • The first thing you will have to do is download "Acrilyc WiFi" and install it on your computer (below is the download link).
  • You will also need to download a master dictionary with all the passwords. You should keep in mind that there are several of these that you can work with according to your tastes. (The download link is also available)
  • Next, you must open the program on your computer and you will see a control panel where you will have a list of all the available networks that are close to you. In the first column you will have the name of each one of these networks. In order to choose the WPA2 security network, you will need to go to the column with the same name.
  • Press "Stop" in the upper right margin to stop the network audit. To do this, you must press an icon represented by a square.
  • Choose the WiFi network, see what its password is and right click.
  • Select "Send to connectivity module".
  • A pop-up window will appear showing you the interface. In this window, you will have to incorporate the password directory that you have previously downloaded. In this case, just follow the steps as you do when you want to upload any information with a file browser.
  • When you are done, you must click on "Ok", to upload the file. We recommend the txt "PASSWORDS".
  • At the bottom of the control panel you will see the name of the network you want to verify its password, authentication status and encryption. You will need to right click on this network.
  • Choose the "Start" option.
  • At this point, the status of the process will appear on the right side of this panel. Once the password has been found, you will be shown a message that says "Password found, plus the password to access".

With JumpstarWPS

To be able to audit the nearby WiFi signals through Windows you will need to do this guide:

  • Download "JumpstarWPS" to your computer.
  • Open the file you downloaded. Then, you must search inside the folder that generated the "JumpstarWPS" archive.
  • Choose the application to install, "Setup".
  • When you have the program on your computer, you should open the "Wps-pin" file. It will have the PINs of the networks you are looking for.
  • Select the network you want to join by double-clicking on it.
  • A window will open in which you will see the network information. At this stage you must copy the first PIN and close the dialog box.
  • Then you must open "JumpstarWPS". For this, you will have to click on "Next".
  • Copy the PIN you entered in the previous window.
  • Click "Next" and uncheck the box "Automatically select the network".
  • Choose the network you want to join by clicking on "Next".
  • After a few moments your computer will be connected to the chosen WiFi. Click on "Finish".
  • To find out what the key is, you must open the Network Center on the taskbar.
  • The software will automatically show you the network security key.

List of the best applications and tools to hack into WiFi networks with WPA2 security in 5 minutes

The previous applications we have shown are one of the most complete that exist today. But they are not the only ones with which you can hack into a WPA2 WiFi network.

Below, we'll show you the most comprehensive tools you can install on your Windows computer to perform a wireless network audit:

WiFi Password Revealer

It is a free program to recover passwords that users have forgotten to enter the WiFi. This software can find any password that has standard WPA, WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2 or WPA2-PSK encryption.

It is compatible with Windows operating systems that have 32 or 64 bit architecture. In just a few seconds you can have the SSID and HEX data available.


It is considered one of the most popular programs among people who are interested in knowing the WPA2 passwords for nearby WiFi signals. This is due to a very simple tool to handle with which you can know in a few minutes the coding that the networks have to access the network.

The steps to use it are very simple. Just open the program and press "Start", then choose the network you need and with a few more clicks you will find what you are looking for.

Wifi Password Decryptor 12.0

It has the ability to decrypt WPA2 keys, as well as supports different encryption algorithms used in wireless networks, such as Aes and Tkip.

It is available for Windows and features time-saving commands for your work. This will allow you to make 2 or 3 clicks and be able to know the key you are looking for. Many users consider it as one of the best programs to perform network audits with WPA2.

WiFi Password Dump

This program works with the Windows command line, but you don't have to worry because it is very easy to use. Once you run the software you can quickly find the name of the network you are looking for, as well as the security protocol (WPA2) and the access password.

WiFi Password Recovery Pro

It has a 7-day trial version. You will have tools that will allow you to recover your WiFi password by deciphering the ones near your computer. In addition to this, it will also help you protect networks from being hacked. Its graphical interface features a multi-color display showing the result of the report, location of problems, and the security of neighboring networks.

Is it safe to use these types of programs and applications to steal the WiFi signal?

When you use one of these tools, they are sometimes unsafe. This is because there is a possibility that files with an EXE extension may not be the executable files for that purpose. So, it can happen that you end up downloading a virus without realizing it. This happens frequently, as one of the easiest ways for malware to spread is through this type of program.

In addition, by offering a solution for obtaining a password, programs can also be installed with codes that allow everything typed by the user to be recorded. This is what we call in computer science a keylogger.

Another point to take into account is that there have been cases in which, when downloading these programs, they generate a file hijacking, blocking the user's access. So also use the password detectors, also generate a risk against the privacy of the owners of the computers.

But this is not the only thing, if we don't analyze these programs from a malware point of view, we can also see it from the errors in their design that they may have. So, by installing them they unintentionally damage apps and other software codes that exist on the computer.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, it is always necessary to know the applications you want to install and that these are recommended from a secure source, such as the ones we showed you before.

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