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split screen on skype
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Skype is an immediate and effective communication service, which seeks to offer its customers a better experience through its alternative tools. So that It is constantly being updated to keep up with the demands of its users and to add more every day

Microsoft You know that you currently have strong competitors in the field of instant messaging applications. Precisely before this panorama Skype presents news to continue being part of the favorites list, among Internet users who need to make calls or videoconferences.

That is why in this post we will tell you how you can take advantage of the split screen function among other useful settings that the tool contains.

Learn step by step how to split the screen during a Skype video call on Windows and MacOS

Microsoft take care of your land on the platforms Windows Y Mac introducing improvements in its messaging application. That is why you should not be left behind and you must know the novelty that it brings Skype for these two systems: "Split view." Skype has a single conversation window and contact list configured by default, generating several overlapping tabs (waterfall) when you are using multiple chats.

When enabling the "Split View" mode you will have better control on the screen when popping up independent windows. We advise you to enable it because it is a more organized way of managing your conversations, you save time because you have a parallel view of the panel and you can view new messages without clicking.

As we know that you were encouraged, we will tell you how you can activate it:

On windows

In this section we will tell you how Skype allows you to divide the screen of Windows 10, follow the step by step below:

  • Sign in to Skype entering your username plus password.
  • One time welcome window open, you must locate the three horizontal points on the upper right side. In that menu a tab with several options will be displayed, you click on "Enable two-pane view mode."
  • This will automatically make it activate. If you did not like this tool you can disable it in the same way.

By having this modality active you Skype it will transform. Now the contact list will be the main window and when you touch the name of a user a separate window will be displayed and so on with a new one. That is, if you talk to four contacts, you will have the same number of windows open on your screen. It should be noted that you can move the windows around or minimize them.

On macOS

The mode "Split view" or "Split view mode" Skype is also available in its version Mac.

You can do it in the previous way, since Skype has a single design for all devices, but in this part we will show you another way to run it:

  • Update or download the version latest version of Skype for MacOS.
  • When finished open the app and log in.
  • Look for the three-dot menu (…) or "Setting".
  • Click on "Appearance" and in "Two-panel view" Choose "Enable two-pane view mode."

What is the use of screen splitting during a Skype group or private video call?

The evolution of Skype has been characterized by introducing its users alternatives that allow you to feel comfortable when connecting with loved ones or co-workers, whether through a conversation by call, video conference or chat. Among the multiple functions that are worth configuring in Skype is precisely the option that allows you to view in two panels or “Split view”.

It is important to mention that this mode was not incorporated in the mobile and web versions. So in order to activate them you must have the most recent version of Skype in your version of Windows Y MacOS. This feature gives you more freedom when using the Skype, for example: You will no longer need automatic notifications.

Enable this configuration so that the list of your contacts remains separate from the conversation windows. So you can mobilize, drag the windows to the right, left, to the top or wherever you want, because the idea is that you customize this tool as you like. The mosaic of conversations increases our productivity, you can maintain conversions at the same time and avoid sending a message to the wrong person, for example.

Other actions you can perform during a Skype video call that we will show you step by step

Communication tools were made to ease our burden a bit and reach our peak in productivity, which is why it makes it easy for us to communicate with people around the world. It is an app that also regained its popularity in confinement and which in turn caused the demand for telecommuting. So par excellence it is a great help for interviews, conferences, sharing slides among other actions.

Now we will tell you some actions you can do in an ongoing call:

Record screen

The function to record your video calls is built into Skype without having to go to third parties.

This is what you must do to do it:

  • Dial or take the call or video call (applies to both).
  • On the lower left side of the window there is a symbol that says "Engrave".
  • Once you start the Red point it will indicate that you are recording.
  • For "Stop recording" returns to the previous point.
  • Search the recording to play it In the icon located in the lower right part of the call window, you can click on "Play" to view it.


To use animated reactions during a call in Skype on Windows, Linux, Web and Mac, do the following:

  • In the call control click "React".
  • In the menu you will be presented with various animated reactions, select the one you like.
  • Immediately this will appear to all participants Of the call.

Turn video on and off

You can stop sharing video by disabling the Skype camera like this:

  • Sign in to Skype and head to the bar "Setting", this will display a window.
  • Search "Audio and video" and in "Camera" Choose "OBS virtual camera" or another that appears different to the one you already have selected.
  • Finally save the configuration in the button "Keep".
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